For Sam

For Sam Gentle hands with fine-boned fingers Holding a flute, a bat, a book. Inching a knight across a chequer board Or arms bras bas, a demi plié, The leotard outlining your lean shape, My graceful gazelle. I would kill for you Wistful brown eyes, see things through, See through things, Dreams turn to whimper and murmur, A word, a sigh the storms and fires Rumple your nights, My leggy colt. I would kill for you Pushing wet tendrils back from your face, I kiss your downy cheek and know that I would Dash out the skull, take the bullet, hide you Fiercely in the folds of my skirt. Wield a sword, a knife, A gun. Starve, steal, willingly, viciously, To keep you from harm. I would kill for you A late bus, a man in the park, a careless playground moment, The wrong place at the wrong time, a truck, a bike And I would embrace death as a lover. I would kill for you. Sue Heggie]]>

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