Snail postscript!

Sorry about the lack of blogging this past week as I have been doing the dreadful W word.  Hopefully I will have a few days this week and then only two more after that  until I’m free again.

However, today I went to the garden to check my two pottles of sugar and yeast and they had no snails but 32 slugs wallowing in the murk like miniature fat whales.  Yay!  Not to mention a cockroach and an earwig. Very satisfying to know they won’t be eating the rest of my spinach.

Most of them are lying on the bottom. I know you wanted to see this!
Slugs beware!



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  1. Great looking lettuce – have you tried beer in a saucer? – I guess it’s the same concept – just less slimy maybe – this year all of my snow peas and beans disappeared in a day – followed by the curly kale and spinach – snails or aliens? Still I supposed in the absence of daily soup kitchens the unemployed must learn to make do with gardens and MOOCs.

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