Birthday musings

014097a54c17dfe81c8ee6ed90b0926994534163c1 This is a poem I wrote about her a long while ago. To My Friend Rose You are reading a trashmag and your eyes are in shadow. An observer would not see your green, green eyes. You are flicking through the pages, scanning quickly As you drink your tea from your china rose blue, blue mug. “Oh for god’s sake, she’s not pregnant”, you exclaim. An observer might note your leading lady beauty mole And your blue mug, your slimline skirt, your high heels, Your shirt pulled taut across your sporty shape, But not see The loyalty, friendship, generosity Love dammit, in those green eyes But I do (lucky me) Sue Heggie I spent lunch on the big day with my Auckland wing woman-generous, funny and kind, Deb (and a lot more besides). I came home the other day to find my lawn clipper fairy had dropped by and tidied up my lawn. 01de74774f5580ebc5e6519cf3d31efce4f7ce1327 We went to The Tasting Shed which I can highly recommend.  Enjoyed everything, including the kangaroo and the churros were divine. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] We didn’t need instructions on how to eat there…we are experts.[/caption] I have spent my birthday month eating. I went with a friend to Sidart last week as well. Their degustation during the week is pretty special and you can choose from between 5-9 courses. As the plates are small you can kid yourself you have hardly eaten a thing. I think I practically lost weight there. Provenance (was Bees on Line), part of the hip group is pretty fab too and I consider it my local flash lunch venue. Thanks to another friend… It isn’t about the food but the sharing of the food, well okay it is quite a bit about the food. I’m excited to be going to the Sugar  Club next Friday too.   The other lovely thing about birthdays is the flowers. They make you feel loved. 01e83fd55295b3067f4aa7368585719b89cbd7206d 01230939ca634ec924082930f5e4e7119b197ada17 016030511c90defb3e3c4d4c82169e2d37b9b0128b And the jar of quince jelly that appears in the letterbox, now on the bench with the sun shining through its pinkish light. And the beautiful linen tea towel because a sister knows I’m crazy about linen. 01b09a93b0e8d57a6b78c6da11d4326483306103cd and cards actually in the mail, real cards with messages of friendship. 018736171c9e56a03d73f8b0711d3ed99730509b83 I hope you don’t think I’m a dick for putting these up, but I am grateful for all kinds of friendship and for the effort friends have gone to, to remember the decade I’ve reached. Every time I wear my new earrings, or use my linen tea towel I will think of that person and corny as it sounds, it really isn’t about the gift but the giving. As you know I adore Leunig and even though I am irreligious and he is not, I still love the sentiments. I sent this to a friend of mine a while back and she sent it back to me because it’s always worth repeating. We give thanks for our friends. Our dear friends. We anger each other. We fail each other. We share this sad earth, this tender life, This precious time. Such richness. Such wildness. Together we are blown bout. Together we are dragged along. All this delight. All this suffering. All this forgiving life. We hold it together. Amen Leunig It is in his book When I Talk To You and published by Harper Collins. 014ee5730814f10de19f23c310dc21be6f86261578 [caption id="attachment_2062" align="alignnone" width="225"]0159aa89f657575a18ec0e30ee912acbb2359a9b56 Cheers to friendship.[/caption] Thanks everyone. FG  xx                  ]]>