Fluffygeorge Postal Poems

Anzac Day in Greytown which was first published in Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2, 2015 edited by Jack Ross. 0162a443f1ab1b9908bf92277e30ea6da7be8da013 The idea is that you or a friend receive a poem in the post. It will be on quality paper in a lovely envelope so it hopefully feels like a little literary present. You could re-gift them, put them on the fridge, frame them or make a calendar. I am quite excited about the May issue. It is actually two poems and the images are quite lovely I think. Suffice to say, one poem is on the back of a photo by renowned photographer John Doogan. Check out his work here. Thanks to those of you who have subscribed. I truly appreciate your support as this fledgling idea emerges. I hope the recipients of those who have gifted theirs get a lovely surprise in their mail. There are several options if you would like to subscribe but haven’t so far: $80  for 8 poems each month until December. $45 for 4 poems delivered May July September November or if you have just discovered FG Postal Poems then you can subscribed for 11.50  per month They won’t just be my poems, I already have permission from Fiona Farrell for the poem the June issue . It is a poem of hers that I have always loved. Just email me with your details at heggies@xtra.co.nz and I will send you details. Happy month of May. FG]]>