One little Heggie went to the Mairangi Bay market…..well is going. Santa Parade   0121c6a31e45247483fc72fc7c710f88fb4a0bf950 What may you ask, do you do with a tile or two? Well put a candle on top so it doesn’t drip onto a nice table cloth 01638d7f6fb0d9247fb06868f39a2d9902d5931011 - Copy or put a nice glass of wine on it (or a nice cup of tea by your bedside). 013fae206a0b9e5ceeb8921caf941b6dcf1eac06b8 or put your straighteners on it 018f9f18e601bc2d319cc637d08e18185c32da42cb or make a cute wall hanging 01f8ada8eb6104050394233bb0a029713f67a70fd2 How about an inspirational quote to keep you motivated? 01ddce568555bcc9138ccaa050fadbf3ca85145c2c or just on the table looking pretty under the olive bowl or chutney or salad. (They are decorative so they can’t take really hot stuff.) Sorry this tile is already sold today but I have a wee few like it. 014c2ea4c9d0bb064030395b558cb917af51e27d5e_00001 I also have this slightly rude motivational tile which I won’t be able to put out on market day…but if you want one let me know. [caption id="attachment_1046" align="alignnone" width="315"]010ba9ef89b42d544c39641ac64ce5855c9075b031_00002 This one is a bit off centre so I think I will keep it .[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1049" align="alignnone" width="300"]018e70546b8d16c514d9fe7be18533fecf73f7f421 I was a bit worried about copyright but i figure f they are on the net or dead or the Dalai Lama, I’m okay. Any advice?[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1050" align="alignnone" width="240"]01045accf7c6d029d8f145c8ffacb5621171ed15b1 Do you think Roald Dahl will come chasing me for royalties?[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1051" align="alignnone" width="224"]01454afab5d2230f5f2d66e9838b7445819314bbad Surely Hemingway wouldn’t care?[/caption] And hot off the press today are my “business” cards. Bit of a laugh as I think I have spent about 900 dollars so far and made about 130 but nothing beats an afternoon of cutting out with a friend. Priceless. 01d406a5659b95f1f2bd9208592b3dd120a9780cb5 My big aim is to get some money towards a hire a car to get back from our holiday in Christchurch at Christmas. Dear friends have said we can use their house and car while we are there and we are repaying the hospitality when they come to us in January for a wedding. Reciprocity, lovely. So far we have just the one way ticket. It’s all good though, it sure beats the grind of work. I am so happy to be at home. Don’t let the Christmas spirit get into your wallet. 🙂 FG  ]]>

Bayswater Walk

01d237008ab18a30ba295d61718201755874098460 01fa1b101a8c431c6eb350c0c593f7625376972c6a 012c3e990323a476b796d9e0fb108f8a20a824648b 0155d9f3a4da757c317bf6bc397bdf4f6125a60fbb 012091e02dceb65596f1ab15bbaecc2b044da80c95 012182e434102c69c53a85b42512f0efd7b1e07913 012467fde40fb5ce0169dd17968333953534d5abfe   The one downside was the amount of rubbish including a bike in the stream. We wandered in the old cemetery and I love to look at the lovely old fashioned names that are now back in vogue. It also makes me grateful when I see so many died either in a war or at a young age. 01a14fd301bfc9e184853e1d7a6f725e4cfc0538ab 01a29211f96ad3d327e81f8d7db7f94364d161e70e 01d68932b80a7101330965f2aff19382bffd422535 01faf7614bf2e8cf5fe4ed786e91cc7c50351117ac 01fbf3d239c6737233cd7c0875e829111adf885e8c 014e412b5442d94ad2eebcfcd0cf97c87992ad7ddc 019c4844a4b9638d171a8a393715c6d6caff1d02f7 0150d5d45f4423f2942a0c0fcc4b1dd4f5e42f4433 01694737fe715c792f1fe8d7b406aa0a41ea0d549f Some of my favourites are Clara, Herbert, Harriet and Florence. Not quite so keen on Bertha, Phyllis and Gertrude… The NZ Christmas tree is starting to flower and a friend’s yoghurt best by date was December 25! We are hosting Christmas lunch at home for around a dozen friends and family and then flying to Christchurch on Christmas night to watch the cricket that starts on boxing day. However, as I am now on a much-reduced income i have made a list for the nieces and friends to help  me. Rather than buy crackers I thought I could dig out some crepe paper and we can make them on the day and have asked Sam to find a few good jokes so i can put them on the table. As it is brunch I think we will go for lots of light salads and salmon although it looks as though Bruce is insisting on a turkey. I am experimenting with place names and maybe will have a go at this fruit tree. I will get my tree out this year. Last year I was in France! Hard to believe it was so long ago. 01d7c250e4d1462076fd17b1472a32769c5253b1b6 01298227da1312f248c200537a5fcf643928c28bd8   Although I may not be able to resist making these Christmas mince pie Bombe Alaska. It is super easy; buy the pies, put a scoop of plain ice cream on top and slather with meringue mix and pop in the oven for a few minutes. Yum! I was really lucky to discover a wee poetry group starting up and we met for coffee last week. I am hosting the first formal meeting next week so I’ll let you know if it inspires me to get on and write. I have been busy with getting my ten dish cloths done, I have one more to go. I am also working on Christmas tiles and may pluck up courage and go to a market on the weekend and try to at  least recoup some costs. I am making some more romantic tiles to go with my Scandinavian ones.         014cb545db92c3da63843a88ace807a2c5d3dbbb9d   01e79ce87573c8a14042f7f3dd5f8b52c257ba3263 01709342f80c200682a11aa83b5daf2a4707ae75af   Have a great day. FG]]>

Peter in the pot.

0193cc81fe08bf9004f47f4281dc2e3c98e57ac92301b606b21f8d82aa93e46f167d774e63a63bc507d6 Firstly I put the garlic, onions, thyme and bay leaves in the slow cooker.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1008" align="alignnone" width="225"]01d10a2924e3240ff46869567bc9c88fa0648a8ac2 Then I braise the poor old Peter rabbit and add him to the pot. I reduce the wine and add more thyme and seasoning and put the lid on ready for slowing cooking on high for four hours.[/caption] However I have my pescatorian son and my vegetarian friend Sabina, coming for dinner and I don’t think they will be too keen on even smelling Peter, let alone eating him. So I have some fresh tuna, an orange and asparagus salad and an Indian chick pea salad to prepare and I might do my mint potato salad as well. I really like this book for different kinds of salads. I also need to ring the post office as sadly, my knitted mittens for my arthritic friend have not made it to their destination. Really disappointing. Yoga, knitting, rugby and walking planned for the weekend. Hope yours is a good one. FG    ]]>

Domestic bliss

Made a brunch as I didn’t eat before yoga using up the last of the broad beans. 018f1475e5e0658989be13d143de67e9b90966169b Knitted by 4th of 10 dish cloths for an Christmas order while catching up on a few Escape to the Country episodes. Pulled out the broad beans to ready the garden for another round of vegetables. Made an orange, cranberry fennel salad. So easy! Chop fennel bulb finely, chop up orange, add a handful of dried cranberries and toss in oil and red vinegar. 01faf704350d76527d8d597d883817ff3f18ca1d75 Done the dark wash and brought in the sheets. Time 2:30 🙂 List for the  rest of the day: change bedding Vege shopping tiling journal Continue with sorting filing cabinet. I find filing cabinets a bit hopeless or is it me? Stuff gets filed in there and then stays there for the next ten years without ever being sorted. Therefore. I am tossing stuff out like VISA bills from 2007. I am also feeling a bit nostalgic as Sam’s reports are all there. It is so funny to read a report from when he was 7 that emphasises Sam’s fascination with environmental issues and there he is a conservationist/ecologist. 0136bf4832927caa8e1c2665dc90bc5069bd55c76c   I had to renew my library books today which means I have only read one of them but I have been away and also had visitors. I am feeling a bit nervous about dipping into savings as there won’t be any contract work until next year and i am totally averse to really looking hard…but I am so happy! hope you are too. FG]]>

Oamaru, worth a stop over. Otago Peninsula, my home ground.

Donna Demente’s Grainstore Gallery

027 366 6201

The Grainstore Gallery is quite unlike any other you will find anywhere, a simply astonishing array of original artworks amidst an extraordinarily magnificent ambience, best experienced live and consumed fresh!

5 Harbour St, Oamaru

01be4b95b6ead26b302d5915c8e9d00b3d3f5a5375 01bfef455c464d8be4360244f0777d18db5511a670 016d08262ee3901127a2d3e0f8918b5e8757b8e4f8 011462de77b9dec9f76143194bea7e6d8d044e6b11 019489e3897ef0555e808d12fce3f9b89e2d492cef   I was brought up in Dunedin but my father was given an old house for free and he cut it in half and moved it onto leased land down at Harrington Point. it had no bathroom of course and the long drop at night was a scary procedure. The Heggies ruled the beach, all six of us marauding and coming home when we were hungry and going to bed when we were tired. We collected mushrooms and blackberries, fished for cod, waded with spears for flounder and lit bonfires to cook our spuds in foil. We rowed about in the Doris H, named after my mother and threw hard painful sea weed balls at any one we didn’t fancy. It was a good life! Bev and I made a nostalgia trip down there and how small everything seemed. I still nurture a mad dream of living there again one day and writing the Booker prize winner… 01aa005cc75a0a8bdba9a48aa20910f53c02f74159 01af60717e32505953ea8ac2ec6ff96a7d470aedec 01ec6d5bed7cc12a1cc8488126cf15bcb30a627871 01f2029af94efd5cf012edaf7700501360dbaac037 01f877197d95d9b61aabfdeb76413ca67c280ea089 010f7ce98f0ba4a1cc0ae52ecee2d8ff4b73942b66 011ba88dae360f92e00682c67e89a98d251b6655c3 Sadly, when Cilla McQueen, the poet was living there our house burned to the ground. She, fortunately survived. She was the Robert Burns Fellow at the University of Otago in Dunedin in 1985 and 1986. “Her first collection of new work after 1990 was Markings (2000), a collection of poetry and drawings. The poems trace the lives and voyages of her ancestors, and the living history of her husband’s people. She travels through the fire that destroys her house at Otakou to a new home in Bluff, tying together the separate threads of her journey and moving from one harbour to another.” I sometimes feel sad that Sam was very much a cappuccino kid and didn’t have the freedom and a special place to belong to. Have a good week, FG It’s nearly Christmas and my Christmas cake, which is theoretically for Bruce is already half eaten. 01e5213c90df5f5897124301c04643d8948f7c7d9f  ]]>